This is actor Wade Williams’ autograph. This was my second day on set. And
boy did it suck. I don’t even remember the call time. All I know is that it was hotter
that hell and I got a sunburn in the shade. After I arrived on set I found a couple
guys that I knew and we waited to be sent to wardrobe. We went to wardrobe and
props and then waited and waited. Wardrobe happened to be right next to the
“stars” trailer and we got to meet them coming in and out. I saw Bill “Mahone”
again, Sara, Amaury, and John Heard. Well fast forward a little, time to go to set.
This day there was a new director and he must have been in a foul mood that day.
He changed up the script at the last minute and he was yelling at everyone. About
3:00 pm we broke for lunch which was good as always. After lunch I was talking to
Wade Williams, the man has a memory that is uncanny. Lol. He came up to me and
said “Hey Riley, how’s it going?” So we talked a little while and it was getting
closer to go back to set. So I asked him if he would sign my index card and take a
picture with me. He just like Philip Van Lear said it would be an honor. So one of
the guys from the crew took our picture with my phone and that was it. He said “I’ll
see you later Riley” I said ok and went back to set. The rest of the day progressed
like the first half did, long and hot. It was about 7:00 pm and they came out and
told us we can go home. A whole day without doing anything. A lot of the guys
were happy to leave and they were saying they should have already let us go
home. But I was upset because I really didn’t want to leave. Yea, I got paid for
doing nothing, but I was there to work, not to hang around and do nothing. And to
top it off, when I went to leave, it was so damn hot it drained my battery in my
truck. I had to have a guy from the crew jump me off. But anyway. If you want to
see some pics of Wade’s autograph and the picture of Wade and I and some
pictures that a friend took that day, just