This is actor William Fichtner’s autograph. This is my seventh time on set. This
episode I play a Prison Guard in the Panamanian Prison Sona. I got to base camp
in the evening and got dressed and propped up with a machine gun. We were
waiting for them to set up the cameras and everything. I was walking around and
seen Bill Fichtner walking around and I asked him if he would sign an autograph
for me. He said “Sure do you have a picture”? I said it was in my car. He said go
get it and I’ll sign it. So I went to my truck and got the pic and he signed it. Luckily
he signed it when he did, because right when I took it back to my truck we had to
go to set. So nighttime fell and they set up the rain machines. The scene was
Scofield and Mahone were going to Sona prison and I was the guard who opened
the door for Scofield as he went in. It was a very quick scene, only lasting a few
hours. But let me tell you, that water was If you want to see Bill’s
autograph and some screencaps from the show