On June 5, 6 and 7 Kevin Smith and his Team of Destiny  battled it out for the ultimate prize at The 3rd
Annual Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament in Brantford Ontario.
Kevin will be in goal as part of team Puck U. which will also consist of the following notable players:
Roster: Jason Mewes (C) Scott Mosier, Bryan Johnson, Jennifer Schwalbach, Ming Chen, Jon Gordon, Jim
Jackman, Malcolm Ingram, Kevin Smith, & Katie Morgan. And if his tendons can take it, Walt Flanagan. Well,
Walt didn't make it and neither did Jason Mewes. My friend Dennis who lives in Brantford got me a dvd
insert from Clerks 2 signed for me. It is signed by Bryan Johnson, Malcolm Ingram, Jennifer Schwalbach,
Katie Morgan, Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, & Jim Jackman (twice).  Here are some pictures from the event
Kevin Smith and his wife Jennifer Schwalbach
Kevin Smith being goalie
Katie Morgan playing street hockey and smoking a cigarette
Jim Jackman with Kevin Smith and Malcolm
Ingram in the background behind him.
Bryan Johnson
Jim Jackman smoking
Scott Mosier