Riley: I’m here with Backyard Tire Fire drummer Tim Kramp.  Hey Tim, how’s it
going? Thanks for taking the time to do this. How was working with Steve
Berlin on the new album? And how did he or did he influence you guys in the
making of the new record?

Tim: Steve just brought the best out in us. He made some good suggestions
and made it an easy and enjoyable time. It helps that he’s a great musician with
tons of ideas.

Riley: Nice. That always helps. So where did the name “Backyard Tire Fire”

Tim: It came to me in a dream.

Riley: I know that everyone in whatever business wants to succeed.  But, what
is your personal goal? Would you be happier where you’re at, or would you be
happier on the top ten with Ryan Seacrest? Or somewhere in between?

Tim: I think there’s a point that we can get to where everybody’s comfortable
and happy and the band is being productive. As long as everyone’s getting
along and excited about the musicI think we’ll continue to grow. But I don’t
anticipate having to meet Ryan Seacrest.

Riley: I know what you’re saying.  So how does it feel having the fan base you
guys have?

Tim: Our fans are amazing. It blows me away that so many people are loving
the music and are hungry for more. All music lovers are welcome.

Riley: As we’ve discussed before, my favorite song by you guys is “Jimmy,
Bob, & Jack”. To which is now my 12 year old sons favorite song as well. We
were both a little bummed that it didn’t make the cut for “Good To Be”. Do you
see it possibly making it on a future album? Or will it be one of those treats you
only get by seeing you guys live?

Tim: I love “Jimmy, Bob, & Jack” too. We’ll get it put out sometime. Ed’s got a
lot of really good story songs and maybe we’ll get to put out a collection of
those. There’s so many ways we can do it but we also just put “Good To Be”
out. We’ll make sure you get it as soon as we put it to tape.

Riley: Thanks man. I appreciate it. So, who are your inspirations (musically and

Tim: My parents, my brothers, & the outdoors. Any really good music can
inspire me to try and be a better musician. I also love artwork.

Riley: I really dig that you guys record analog first before converting to digital.
What prompted you to do this and is this something that you will continue to
for future recordings?

Tim: Matt said it all. (Read Matt's response here)

Riley: Outside of Illinois, what are your top three venues to play at?

Tim: The Belly Up in Aspen, Co; The Freebird in Jacksonville, FL; and the Turf
Club in Minneapolis, MN

Riley: Thank you so much Tim. I really appreciate you taking the time to do
this. Like the great Tom Waits said: “No, I don’t have a drinking problem except
when I can’t get a drink”. So here’s to you my friends.

Tim: Tom Waits has got a lot of those attributed to him. My favorite is, “I’d
rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.” Rock on Riley. See
you soon I hope!

Riley: Hell yea!! You can count on it. Until next time, keep rocking.