This is the Skandor Akbar. I grew up watching wrestling here in the Dallas area. Every Sunday
night we would watch the WCCW here in Dallas. Home of The Von Erichs. Other wrestling
super stars have wrestled here as well before making it as big as they did. Wrestlers such as
Chris Adams, Cactus Jack Manson aka Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, Percy Pringle aka Paul
Bearer, Abdullah The Butcher, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Rick Rude, The Dingo Warrior aka
The Warrior, and Stunning Steve Williams aka Steve Austin. But there was one manger that I
will always remember, Jimmy Wehba aka Skandor Akbar. General Akbar managed the
villainous "Devastation, INC." Which included a lot of the wrestlers above. Growing up as a
child I got to meet the majority of the wrestlers that wrestled in the WCCW as well as Skandor
Akbar. I even got autographs from. But I couldn't tell you where they are now. But I found out
where Mr. Wehba lived and I wrote him a letter and asked him for his autograph. To which he
gave me the one below. Sadly, on August 10, 2010 we lost Jimmy. The cause is unknown, but
fellow wrestling manager and friend Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer speculates that it may have
been prostate cancer. (Sorry for the poor scan, it didn't transfer well)