Q&A with the great Philip Proctor

Riley: I’m here with the great Philip Proctor. Hello, how are you today?
Philip Proctor: Alive and thinking……

Riley: How did you decide to become a voice actor?
Philip Proctor: I evolved into it through and early fascination with the radio-comedy format. Grew up
listening to Fred Allen, Jack Benny, etc. coming from the Midwest-Goshen, Indiana to be specific- I was
immersed in an oral tradition of humorous stories which my family loved to “perform”. I was also born with
a talent for mimicry and music, which led me to sing and play violin semi-professionally at Allen-
Stevenson school in New York and later appear in Broadway and off-B; way musicals, one of which (“The
Amorous Flea”, for which I won a Theatre World Award) brought me to L.A. and involvement with the
Firesign Theatre on a local radio show called “Radio Free Oz” on listenet-supported KPFK. From doing
various characters with my partners live we became a well-known audio comedy producing unit. That led
to voicework in films and cartoons (“The Smurfs”, etc) which continues to this day with “Rugrats”, Pixar,
Disney, and other similar outlets.

Riley: What is/was your favorite character to perform?
Philip Proctor: All the wacky and sustain characters in the many records, radio shows, TV and live shows-
especially gay newsman, Ray Hamburger (pronounced: Ham-Bur-Jere). And I can’t forget dear Howard! He
pays the bills!

Riley: What one person has given you the most inspiration in life?
Philip Proctor: Ernie Kovacs on TV and “Bob & Ray” on radio. I used to record their material and often
perform in myself on my home tape machine.

Riley: Who are your personal heroes?
Philip Proctor: all the great comics from Robert Benchley on to George Carlin….Astronauts, living and
dead, and Bill Clinton.

Riley: Do you have a favorite celebrity?
Philip Proctor: I don’t believe much in the cult of celebrity; but if I did, I’d have to say Robin Williams and
john Goodman.

Riley: If there was one person (living or dead) that you could meet, who would it be and why?
Philip Proctor: I wish I had gone down the street in NY and sat in on Bob and Ray when they were doing a
live show every morning in the 50’s. I wrote notes to them and they read some of my material on the air.

Riley: What do you think of the hobby of autograph collecting?
Philip Proctor: I think it is a worthy pursuit and an opportunity to learn something about the character of
the people you admire.

Riley: Do you sign autographs through the mail?
Philip Proctor: Yes, I find the easiest way (lacking a SASE) is to reply by postcards that I have printed up
and pay for myself. I consider it an investment in my career and I know it can create good will, both here
and abroad.

Riley: Do you sign autographs when asked in person?
Philip Proctor: Sure, although that seldom happens since my face is not really my fortune these days. I
carry some postcards with me when I travel and can sign one of them when asked.

Riley: Are there any upcoming events/conventions where a fan could meet you?
Philip Proctor: I’ll be at the opening of Pixar’s next animated feature, “Finding Nemo” and their studios up
north, end of May; The Rugrats/Thornberrys Movie in Hollywood in June and possibly Dreamworks
“Sinbad”, also in June.

Riley: Do you have an address where a fan could write to you and possibly ask you for your autograph?
Philip Proctor:  Sure. C/O CED Talent Agency, 10635 Santa Monica Suite 130, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Riley: When asked in person, do you limit the number of items to be signed?
Philip Proctor: Depends on the circumstances. I signed lots of “Howard” stuff in Ireland, for example,
while on vacation and at a live radio show I did in Dublin with my wife, actress Melinda Peterson (watch
for her upcoming Century 21 and Ace Hardware (Cookoo Clock) spots.

Riley: Thank you so much for your time Mr. Proctor. I hope to speak with you again in the future.
Philip Proctor: I wish I had more time to respond to folks like you and do my best to do so. Stay in touch-

Riley: Don't forget to check out Planet Proctor for information and news about Phil.