This autograph is from actor Phillip Van Lear. This was my first day on the set of
Prison Break. My call time was 6:00 am in McKinney, TX. This was for the Season
Two premier. I was a Correction Officer. I arrived at base camp at 5:00 am. I always
like to get to set early. Better to be early than late. So I walk from the parking lot
to the dining area and wait for the casting agent to arrive. About thirty minutes
later she arrived. I then checked in and went to the caterers and got something to
eat. That’s one of the many great things I can say about this production, they feed
you well. So after I got through eating I went over to wardrobe and got my
costume then I headed to props. The prop guy gave me everything I needed, like
my badge, keys, gun belt, sidearm, and shotgun. After we were through with
wardrobe and props, myself and a few others were driven to the set. This day it
happened to be at a storage facility. The escaped convicts were believed to be
hiding in one of the buildings. At first I was with Philip Van Lear aka C.O. Patterson
and Wade Williams aka Captain Brad Bellick. Then later we were joined by William
Fichtner aka Special Agent Alex Mahone. The day was very hot. But the other
background people I was working with as well as Wade and Philip, made it so
much better. I even got complimented by the A.D. I was extremely nervous,
especially with it being my first day on this set, and I didn’t want to make a stupid
mistake that might jeopardize me coming back. I noticed almost all the other
“background” was getting yelled at by the A.D. “Assistant Director” and the
Director for not following directions. I was worried I was doing something wrong,
so I asked if everything I was doing was alright. Their exact words were “If we’re
not yelling at you, you’re doing a great job, keep it up”. Let me tell you, that was a
confidence booster. The main scene I was in I even got to improvise some of it,
and it made it on the final cut (even though, a lot of my screen time was cut). So
we continued do to our scenes, over and over and over and over. It was so hot
that day. Between each take the make-up ladies would come by and put sun block
on us (it helped, but just a little) and make sure we were hydrated. So we did our
final scene for the day and wrapped it up. Kevin Hooks (director/producer)
thanked everyone for doing such a great job and Philip and Wade came over and
shook my hand and let me take a pic of the two of them with my cell phone. I was
talking to Philip a little and I said “maybe I can get your autograph one day”, he
said it would be an honor. All I had was an index card, so he signed that and said
it was a pleasure working with me. It was an awesome day, especially for being my
first day on this set. If you want to see pics of Philip’s autograph as well as pics a
friend on set took of me as well as a few screencaps from the show