This is actor Paul Adelstein. This was my fourth day on set. This day was a little
crazy. There were two different sets,(well usually there are) but this time I got to
work on both. I arrived at base camp at 6:30 am and got my wardrobe and props
and had breakfast and a @$$ load of coffee. We sat around and shot the you know
what until it time to head out. I had my coffee and breakfast next to Paul Adelstein
aka Special Agent Paul Kellerman. A little later I was walking to my car and noticed
Paul sitting in his car. I walked by and he started talking to me. We chatted a
minute or two and then I asked him if I could get a picture with of him and get an
autograph. He said “Sure man, do you have a picture?” I said “It’s in my car, let me
go get it”. So I brought it back and he signed it as well as signing my index card
(which he put the wrong date on lol) and let me take a picture of him. I said thank
you so much. He said no problem and then one of the P.A’s came and got him to
take him to set. So I went back over to base camp and waited to be taken to the
set myself. We loaded up in the van and they drove us over to the bus station.
Which is were the first set was set up at. At the station I worked with Wade
Williams and Matt DeCaro. This was the first time I wasn’t a C.O. Wade remembered
me from past shootings and we shook hands and talked for a couple minutes
between takes. I complimented him on his blog on the TV Guide website. He
seemed really proud of it and was happy that I was reading it.Then we filmed some
exterior shots at the bus station. That was most of the day. Then around four
o'clock in the afternoon we headed to the airport. There we worked with Paul
Adelstein. That was pretty funny. We had most of one of the terminals shut down.
But there was still a little section that was still operating. All the workers would
stop dead in their tracks to watch us film. This one guy came in the door and one
of the assistants told him we were filming and to go another way. He got real mad
and stormed off. He went past me dropping f-bomb after f-bomb. Then he went
and got in line to be checked in. He really got pissed when he found out the line
he was in was all actors. That was karma bitting him in the butt for being a jerk. So
we shot for a couple more hours and then called it a day. A little over thirteen
tiring hours, and I can't wait to do it again. A lot was filmed and even more was cut
out. But that’s ok. Even if I do get cut out again. If you want to see Paul’s
autographs as well as his picture just