This is a commission I got from artist Nick Derington, The reason I asked him to do
The Rocketeer for me is started at my first Dallas Comicon. The convention was
honoring their headlining guest Dave Stevens. Who as you know created The
Rocketeer comic. The show program had featured art from most of the comic guest.
Each guest did their rendition of The Rocketeer. I loved them all but I really enjoyed
Nick's the best. A few years later I seen him at a convention and asked him if he could
do a quick sketch. He was really stoked that I remembered his version. So he
sketched me one in my sketch book. It looked awesome. Unfortunately on some of
the picture as well as his signature went over the perforated lines in the book. So I
found out the next show he was going to be at in the Dallas area and asked if he could
do me another. He agreed and below is the finished product. Nick is an awesome
artist. If you ever get a chance to meet him please do so and get a commission from
him. You will not be disappointed.