This is actress Morena Baccarin. Morena is currently on the re-boot of the
classic sci fi series "V". I'm not really a fan of the new series. I absolutely
loved the original though. Some would know her from that, my favorite
performance by her is that of Inara in the Sci Fi series "Firefly" and the
movie Serenity. This was at "The Women of Sci Fi" Sci Fi expo in Plano,
TX in January 2010. I found the picture I wanted her to sign. Unfortunately
it was a "Mat" photo. She signed it we spoke for a minute and she shook
my hand and said nice meeting you etc. As I was walking off I looked at
my photo and noticed that her signature was beading up. I asked her rep if
there was something that could be done and she said "oh yea definitely.
Sorry about that". She then pulled a stack of "glossy" photos of the same
one that I got and put me at the front of the line and she told Morena what
had happened. She apologized and signed a new one. As I was walking
away she called me by name and asked if I just wanted to keep the other
one as well. Sure I said. I thanked her again and headed home. I wish they
were allowing photos of them or they didn't use the so called
"Professional Photo", I would have loved a picture of or with her. "Mat"
picture on the left, "Glossy" picture on the right. Thanks Daniel and Daisy.