This is actress Missi Pyle. You might remember Missi in such films as Galaxy Quest as
Laliari, Dodgeball as Fran, and in Charlie and the chocolate factory as Mrs. Beauregarde.
I met Missi at the Dallas Comicon January 12th, 2008. This was her very first convention.
She was absolutely great to meet. She is also in a band with actress Shawnee Smith
(Amanda from the Saw movies) called Smith & Pyle. They handed out their cd at the
autograph table they were at. Check them out at their myspace page.
Missi Pyle and Shawnee Smith arriving
Missi signing my picture
Missi Pyle & Riley
Missi Pyle
Missi Pyle & Shawnee Smith Q & A
Missi Pyle Autograph
Missi Pyle and Shawnee Smith dual autograph