These are autographs of Mike Stoklasa and Jocelyn Ridgely. Mike is an
actor/director/writer/producer/cinematographer/editor/and puppeteer. He has
done such films as The Recovered, the animated movie Oranges: Revenge of
the Eggplant, and Feeding Frenzy. But most might know him as the voice of
the all movie knowing Mr. Plinkett from the infamous Star Wars reviews on Red
Letter Media. If you are one of the few that hasn’t seen them go to
http://www. . Jocelyn is an actress who has been in such films as
Horrid, the short Artificial, and Feeding Frenzy. But again most would know her
from the Red Letter Media Star Wars reviews where she played Plinkett’s
hostage Nadine. In the Episode two review Nadine escaped and will now seek
her “Revenge” on Harry S. Plinkett (Or will she?)
Mike Stoklasa interview