Riley: We’re here with Mike Stoklasa. Creative genius behind the website . Most would know
Mike as the voice of the infamous Harry S. Plinkett in the even more infamous Star Wars prequels movie reviews. Mike
has also directed, along with Jay Bauman, the movie Feeding Frenzy. Feeding Frenzy co-starred Plinkett alums such
as Rich Evans (Mr. Plinkett), Jay Bauman (Martin), & Nadine herself Jocelyn Ridgely as Jennifer.  
So Mike, how the hell are you?

Mike: Doing well, thanks.

Riley: You’ve done reviews for all the of the (makes me cringe) Star Wars prequels as well as all the "Next Generation"
Star Trek movies. I know it all started as something just for yourself, did you ever think it would be as big as it is now?

Mike: No, never. When I started with the Star Trek: Generations review it was 2008 and youtube was still relatively
new. There was no Facebook or Twitter so it was hard to imagine viral videos like they are now. Not to say I would have
expected that (especially with a video about Star Trek: Generations) but it wasn’t in my mind. I was just making it for fun.

Riley: With the obsession of pizza rolls by Harry S. Plinkett, has General Mills, parent company of Totino's, ever
complain to you or RLM about the use of pizza rolls in your reviews?

Mike: Never heard from them, no. But as they say there’s no such thing as bad press! I would imagine they don’t mind
the pizza roll name out there more cause of the Plinkett reviews, even if they are being eaten by a psychopath, but
crazy people got to eat too. Crazy people love Pizza Rolls!

Riley: Speaking of Plinkett and his pizza rolls. On Half in the Bag, when Rich portrays Plinkett, he never mentions pizza
rolls. Any reason for this or did it just happen that way?

Mike: Rich does a slightly different Plinkett. I don’t think we’ve ever said, “you should or shouldn’t mention Pizza Rolls”
its just never come up? The Pizza Roll comment in the Generations review was just a non sequitur that I thought was
funny to randomly blurt out. It’s sort of latched on with people for some reason, but its nothing I find I want to use more
or less. It’s just pizza rolls! mmmmm

Riley: With the ever growing popularity of the Star Wars reviews and Half in the Bag with Jay, what's next on the
agenda for you and RLM?

Mike: The biggest thing coming up is our next feature film called “Space Cop” which we’ll be shooting this summer. In
addition to that we’ll keep making Half in the Bag, Gamestation 2.0, as well as more Plinkett reviews. I get bored with
one thing and like to move on to other things too, but we’ve got a full schedule.

Riley: With your film school and editing background, which do you find more enjoyable  voicing the reviews or
filming/editing the reviews?

Mike: I like both! Editing is my first passion though. I love editing and making something out of nothing essentially.
Taking all the parts and putting them together and making it work. Voice acting and acting in general is a lot of fun, but
I’m not an actor. I don’t enjoy that part as a craft, just as a means to an end. I know the kind of performance and read I
need to get and when I got it I move on.

Riley: I know a lot of purist Star Wars fans that agree with everything you say in the Star Wars reviews, what have
been some negative reactions?

Mike: The most noteworthy negative reaction was probably the guy that wrote the rebuttal stuff. The real hardcore
fans think I was trying to pull some kind of trick or something when I think I made some valid points as to why the
movies didn’t work for me or work as movies in general. I know some people love their Star Wars universe and see no
wrong in the prequel, but I wasn’t trying to take that away from anyone, just present my opinion. People are free to like
what they like! But the key was that it was in a character and in a comical fashion. Some people didn’t get the sarcasm
or intentional errors and such. Those humorless, uptight uber-nerds kind of frighten me.

Riley: I know Plinkett is just a character you play. I know a lot of actors that occasionally put a little of themselves into
the  character they portray. I know the Harry Plinkett character isn't your everyday guy. Is there any part of Mike
Stoklasa in the Harry character?

Mike: Plinkett is a bit of an alter ego I suppose. He’s sort of the embodiment of complaining about stuff. Personified
irritation. I’m a little more reasonable in real life, obviously, and he’s just a character. It’s part performance, part

Riley: Is there anything that yours or RLM fans would be surprised to know about?

Mike: I guess one thing that some fans might not know is that Jay and I essentially do everything in Red Letter Media.
Occasionally we have some people help out on a more complex shoot, but when we make Half in the Bag it’s usually
just me and jay operating the cameras, then editing, Jay updates the website, I take out the garbage and so on. We
really do everything pretty much ourselves. I’ll get emails that say, “Not sure if this is really Jay or Mike reading this or if
your assistants filter your mail” and its funny to me. Maybe someday we’ll get some help!

Riley:  With filming of  the short "fuck bot 5000", is there any plans to make a feature length film about FB 5000?

Mike: There are no plans to make a feature about Fuckbot 5000. Fuckbot is actually the brain child of my friend Jack
and my girlfriend Jessi. They made him up and we used him in our 48 hour film. He makes appearances here and
there, but FB is not really Jay or my thing.

Riley: Well Mike, that's about all the time we have today. Thank you for your time and keep making such awesome
films. Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans before we depart?

Mike: Please continue to visit our webzone and purchase our products.