This is actor Marshall Allman’s autograph. This was my third day on set. My
call time was 11:00 am, so I arrived at base camp at 10:00 am. I went directly to
wardrobe and props and got dressed. After that, they went ahead a called lunch.
So they shuttled us to The Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas and we had lunch
there. It was as usual great. I was sitting next to Marshall while we were eating.
Marshall is a pretty cool guy. He and I and a couple others talked the entire lunch
hour. After lunch it was time to head back to set. I had asked Marshall if I could
get a quick picture with him. He said “sure no problem”. I then asked if I could
get his autograph. He again said “No Problem” But he said “They’re calling me so
catch me when we get on set.” So I did and he signed my index card. This time I
was a Correction Officer again but instead of a C.O. from Fox River I was a C.O.
for the state of Arizona. L.J. Burrows (Marshall’s character) was arrested and
transferred there. I had a great scene with Marshall. I was the C.O. who brought
him in to be checked in. I would give him a little push through the door. It was
great, a lot of close ups and everything. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t get cut out
of the final draft. Oh well, it happens. If you want to see Marshall’s autograph and
my picture of him and I as well as one more of me just