This is actor Leslie Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen has starred in so many productions it would
be to lengthy to list them all here. So I’ll just list my favorites by him. The first being
the science fiction epic Forbidden Planet as Commander J.J. Adams, this was the first
thing I seen Mr. Nielsen in when I was a child. Then came Creepshow, Police Squad
(Which led to The Naked Gun movies), Airplane, and a slew of comedic performances
after. The world lost this comedic genius on November 28, 2010 from complications of
pneumonia. When I first started collecting autographs way back when, I wrote to Mr.
Nielsen asking him for his autograph. He obliged by sending the first autograph below.
The a few months later, he sent me another one. He was a true gentleman.  He will
sadly be missed. But he will live on forever in our hearts for the smiles he put on our
faces and the laughter that soon followed.