This is musician Charley Pride. Mr. Pride has had many many
hits through out his life. Not just in music but in baseball as
well. Not many people know that Mr. Pride was a baseball
player too.Though he also loved music, one of Pride's
life-long dreams was to become a professional baseball
player. In 1952, he pitched for the Memphis Red Sox of the
Negro American League. He pitched well, and, in 1953, he
signed a contract with the Boise Yankees, the Class C farm
team of the New York Yankees. During that season, an injury
caused him to lose the "mustard" on his fastball, and he was
sent down to the Yankees' Class D team in Fond du Lac,
Wisconsin. Later on that season, while back in the Negro
Leagues with the Louisville Clippers, he and another player
(Jesse Mitchell), were traded to the Birmingham Black Barons
for a team bus. I have met Mr. Pride twice, both times at
Texas Rangers games. He is a great singer, a great baseball
fan, but most of all he is a great person. A true honor to meet.
I look forward to the next time we meet