This is Amaury Nolasco aka Sucre and Camille Guaty aka MariCruz Delgado’s autographs.
This is the fifth day I was on set. Well, when they called me they told me the scene was
going to be in Mexico, I'm like ok. Then they asked me if I wanted to be a Mexican Police
officer. I kind of laughed to myself and said sure. When I get there I go to wardrobe and get
dressed. Then I realize, I'm the only white guy that's not a tourist. So me and a couple
other guys are waiting to be in our scenes and I go over and watch the others scenes
being filmed. I was watching Bill Fitchner do his scene for another episode, great guy. Then
later it came to my scenes. I was going to be at the airport in Mexico chasing Sucre and
MariCruz. Me and the other guys were all in our position ready to go and at the very last
second they decided they didn't want to use us. Damn!!!But oh well. It was alright because
in between scenes I got to hang out with Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) and Camille Guaty
(MariCruz). When Amaury first got there he came up to me shook my hand and gave me a
hug. He said "Hey, what's up man how was your new year". So we got to talking for a little
while. I hadn't worked with Amaury since episode 1.That morning I asked Amaury if when
he gets a minute if he could sign an autograph for me. He said "Sure, would it be ok if I get
it later". I no problem, whenever you're not busy. So fast forward to the end of the day they
said that's a wrap. I was walking around telling everyone by and I walked over to Amaury
and Camille and he said let me sign that autograph for you do you got a picture or
something. I said no all I have is an index card. So he signed that. Then he said "I'll see
you again, talk to you later bro". Then I hand one to Camille and she signed it. Then she
gave me a hug. I saw a lot of people taking pictures of them and with Amaury and Camille.
Then I saw the get their @$$es in trouble. I was talking to one of the casting agents he
said they won't be back. So I said to myself "Holy Sh__, I'm not going to take anymore. I
don't want that risk it. Know what I mean? If you want to see Amaury Nolasco's and Camille
Guaty's autographs