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My name is Riley, as you could probably tell
by the name of the site. I have been collecting
autographs since about mid 2000. At first I
would do strictly through the mail. Then I
would go see the local sports teams play and I
would get autographs from them. During that
time the "In Person" bug bit me so to speak. I
found out that there were autograph
conventions that would come to town. These
were mainly science fiction actors, actresses,
and awesome comic book artists. From time to
time other genres of entertainment would
show up. Then I found that celebrities would
also come to town for movie premiers and
screenings or plays. And if you were lucky and
at the right place at the right time you could
meet them and get their autograph and maybe
a picture with them. Now I don't really write to
many celebrities anymore. I have found it more
fun to meet them in person. As well as
knowing that the autograph you receive is
100% real. This site is for display purposes
only. No autograph on this site is for sale. I
will never sell my autographs. But there might
be links to sites that sell autographs. But
they're not my autographs.

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